Back at it Again With Another Degree

I graduated on Saturday.


This definitely goes down as one of the best feelings I’ve felt, like ever. When I received my undergraduate degree, I never thought I would find myself here. I imagined myself getting my master’s degree immediately after college and living like Lauren Conrad in Ney York. HAH.

Let me explain.

My senior year of college I knew I wanted to continue my education. I found my dream school, so I only applied to that university. I applied in early February, April was approaching and I still hadn’t heard back. Concerned, I did what any normal millennial would do…I tweeted them. I received a reply within seconds and they instructed me to check my junk mail. Always a good sign. In my junk mail, was my REJECTION LETTER. I was devastated. This may seem like a silly thing to be upset about, but to me at the time, it was a big deal. Attending this university was all I had planned. If you know me, I love to have a plan for everything, so the whole not getting into my dream school definitely put a damper on things.

Scared out of my mind about the future, I graduated from undergrad and decided to wait a year before applying to graduate school again. I was basically forced to take a year off, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. In the span of one year, I was able to snag two amazing internships in addition to one fellowship; I obtained work experience, traveled and met  wonderful people. I hustled hard for one year. Half-way through I buffed up my resume and applied to grad school, I got my acceptance letter three days letter. THREE DAYS LATER.

Grad school was in no way easy. There were many sleepless nights, where a few tears may have been shed (#thugscry). Nights I was annoyed because I wanted to go out but couldn’t because my thesis wouldn’t write itself. Nights where I was exhausted and my eyes twitched like crazy (just one of the many side effects when I’m sleep deprived). Thankfully, I have the best support system in the world. The end result is a thesis that I am so proud of and a master’s degree. I’ll take it!

It’s hilarious to me when you try to map out our entire life and the universe is life “nope, try again!”

The night before graduation, I was doing some light reading and I decided to read a page in my book of mantras and it said

“The universe has a plan greater than mine”

I actually laughed out loud. I quickly reflected on the past two years and realized nothing had gone the way I planned, It was was way better than I’d planned.  Moral of the story, don’t freak out when things don’t go the way you planned, there are better things around the corner 😉


Dahlia Graduated Image

Dress: Eloquii Mesh and Lace Dress (Rent The Runway)

Bracelet: Design Lab 

Shoes: Kelly & Katie 

Truthfully Yours, Dahlia
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