Touch My Face, I Dare You

Normally I don’t like people touching my face, but I’d allow you to touch my face after using When Masks. These masks are the ultimate TLC for your skin. So supple, I die.

As some of you may know, I’ve struggled with acne for a looooong time, like for the past 11 years. I’ve been able to keep it under control recently with medication and tons of water. Since, my skin is so acne prone I’ve very careful of the products I use.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a huge face mask junkie. They make my skin look and feel amazing, you can’t go wrong with outcomes like these! When Masks, to no surprise made my favorite masks list. First of all their masks are sheet masks, and I am all about the sheet masks. Secondly, it didn’t feel like I was putting an actual sheet on my face, it did not have the typical fabric texture that most sheet masks do. Their masks are made of bio cellulose instead of fabric or pulp because it’s more effective and eco-friendly. That may be my favorite part about this mask. Thirdly, it smelled amazing, so that’s always a plus.

Their 10pm mask is my favorite. This mask is best when you skin is feeling tired and needs a jolt. I used this mask during finals week…need I say more? Also you do not need to wash your face after using it! After removing the sheet you massage the remaining product into your face and neck, perfect for your inner lazy girl! Let’s be real we all love masks, but what we don’t like is having to get up from relaxing with a mask on to wash our face *rolls eyes*

My face was so soft I couldn’t stop touching it. It’s that good. This stuff is filled with so much love and great stuff for your skin, you just can’t go wrong.

Touch my face, When Face Mask Review

Have you all tried When Masks? Which one’s are your favorite?

This post is in collaboration with When Masks. I was sent these masks to review. All opnions are my own. You may purchase the masks here. Thes masks are also available at 

• Sephora
• Ulta Beauty
• Anthropologie (online only)
• Bartell Drugs
• (online only)
• Birchbox (online only)
• Rickys NYC
• Starboard Cruise Services


Truthfully Yours, Dahlia