What’s In My Bag: Back to School Edition

Back to school season is in full swing and to be quite honest I’m feeling a little nostalgic. My favorite thing back in the day (one year ago), was back to school shopping. Fresh, clean notebooks, a brand spankin new agenda and the brightest pens you can find because how else was I going to keep my notes interesting. Those were the days. I was (and still am) that girl who had everything in her bag…snacks, endless pens, hand sanitizer, 2 phone chargers, and on occasion an external hard drive. I played no games. A fear of mine is being unprepared, so I was ALWAYS prepared. In the spirit of school being back in session, I thought I’d share what I always kept in my bag.

Note: This may seem like a lot of stuff but I get the miniature versions of most of these things. For example, I don’t walk around with a full-size box of bandaids. I’m clumsy, but not that clumsy.

A image of Dahlia's back to school essentials in collage form. It's includes a backpack, macbook, notebook and planner, pens and additional items.

I’m typically a backpack kind of girl because I like to have my hands free for important things, like coffee. I’m able to fit all of these items comfortably in my backpack without weighing me down. Being light on your feet is also very important because you never know when you may have to run after your bus.

Everything Else

Water Bottle | Stay hydrated. I love this particular bottle because it keeps my drinks cold or hot for long periods of time. A necessity when your spending ALL day on campus.

Snacks | Eat! You don’t want your stomach contributing to your class discussion, you will not get extra participation points, instead just a room full of weird stares that are saying “really?” Rx Bars are one of my go-to snacks, healthy and filling.

Headphones | To block out all the people speaking in their outside voices in the library.

Makeup Bag | To touch up your face throughout the day. I have baked my face in the bathroom, there is no shame here. Safe space.

Lip Balm | Chapped lips? Nope.

Bandaids | As I said I’m a clumsy gal.

Gum | Keeps you awake in class and also keeps the garlic hummus and veggies you had for lunch at bay 😉

Tissues | Allergies.

Hand Lotion | I hate having dry hands.

Body Spray | Freshen up your scent throughout the day.

Post-it’s | I write little notes on them and put them everywhere or else I’ll forget whatever it is I’m trying to remember.

Smart Trip | To get to and from class via metro

Purell | Cold and flu season are no joke, protect yo self.

Phone Charger | A dead phone is a useless phone.

Hair Ties |

Pads | It never comes when it says it will.

Make up Remover Wipes | To clean up that crooked winged liner, or when I’ve given up on the day.


I hope you all like this post and found it humorous!

Let me know what you all are putting in your bags.







Truthfully Yours, Dahlia