The Invisible Majority

I am part of the invisible majority.

You see, 67 percent of US women are a size 14 or larger.

This fact is especially interesting since this isn’t represented in mainstream media.

The unbalance is kind of horrifying and I’ve known this for a while now. So horrifying that when it came time pick a topic for my master’s thesis I automatically chose this topic. It was  relevant, and something no one really wanted to talk about, so naturally I gravitated towards it.

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Photo Diary: Cancun, Mexico

I spent a few days in Mexico and I’m not trilled to be back. I zumba’d, kayaked, snorkeled on the coral reef, ate a lot of food and swam a lot. Perfection. This trip was amazing, i’m planning my next trip abroad as we speak.

My family and I stayed at the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun hotel. It was such a beautiful hotel, it almost didn’t feel real. Naturally I ate my weight in chips, salsa and guac because how could you not. I wish I took more photos but I was a little distracted as you can imagine. I’ll do better next time.

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