Let’s Get Real

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Hey. My name is Dahlia and I am the creator of this blog Truthfully Yours, Dahlia. Let’s get real. Okay? Okay.
Some, or none of you may be wondering where I’ve been? Why I’ve been posting less and less and honestly why my content isn’t the best.

To answer the first question, I’ve been trying to get my life together. I don’t want to say it’s a hot mess but it’s pretty close. As some of you may know I’m a recent grad and the adjustment has been a little rough. Currently I’m still job hunting, and that can be a little discouraging. You spent all this time and money to get an education and nothing…literally crickets (but actually because it’s that time of year). I don’t regret getting an education at ALL but the market is tough. It’s even tougher putting yourself out there when there are millions of other recent grads as well. It’s a lot of pressure. This is also the answer to question two, well kind of? I have been so stressed out that I didn’t want to share that on my platform. I’ve always been the type of person to shield my problems from the world because it’s such a downer, and I want to seem happy and shit all the time especially on here. I figure it’s to real for the blog.

“It’s too real for the blog” 

Then I got to thinking about why I started blogging in the first place. I was 18 when I discovered the blogiverse. I was obsessed with every aspect of it, but I did’t see or anyone like myself? Firstly, a plus size woman of color  but secondly someone talking about the whole picture and real shit that people go through, the good and the bad. At 18 years old I wasn’t ready to get real just yet. I was still trying to find my voice as person and as a brand. So I messed around with my first blog Big World Bigger Dreams for about 4 years. When I was ready to make that change, it just felt right! Not only from a personal perspective but from a branding perspective as well. I’d grown up (I graduated from college, got a job etc) and I wasn’t the same person I was when I was 18. Everything was different and I want a blog that reflected that.
Hence, the birth of Truthfully Yours, Dahlia. I wanted this blog to feel like home. A place you felt comfortable in your skin. This blog was meant to be a place where you were chatting with old and new friends, like a pen pal situation. A place where I and everyone who visited could be unapologetically themselves.  But I found myself still too scared to create the kind of content that I wanted. You don’t want to get judged, you’re afraid people won’t like it etc. The people pleaser within me wants to create content that the whole world will love but that’s impossible. You can’t be everything to everyone and I’m still learning that today. So in an attempt to get back to where I want to be we’re going to start over again. I’m not doing anything crazy, all my old content will still be available BUT expect some different kind of content in the future. I’m so excited to share some of the projects I’ve been working on.
Thank you so much to the people who’ve been been supporting me. I appreciate you so much.
Here’s to the future!
Truthfully Yours, Dahlia
Truthfully Yours, Dahlia