2016 Reflections

Image of a cup of coffee, a book, and photos of Dahlia


I brought in 2016 alone in a hotel room in Iowa. I was following the presidential campaigns for my job at the time and I remember being a little sad because I was away from my family and friends, but also optimistic about 2016 would bring. So in my little hotel room nestled right next to the Des Moines International Airport I promised to work hard and be open to whatever came my way.

Did I work hard? Yeah.

I produced some of my best work.

Was I open to whatever came my way? Yeah.

2016 brought me more independence, a strong sense of confidence, discipline and patience; all characteristics I lacked the year before. I’m feeling more blessed and thankful than ever.

In 2017 I’m going to work much harder to manifest what I want in my life. Exhibit gratitude on a daily basis and take better care of myself.

All things that are easier said than done.

It’s going to be a journey, but that’s the fun part.

2016, peace out.

2017, Hey how’s it going? I’ve been expecting you.


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Truthfully Yours, Dahlia