Let’s Get Toasty

Image of Avocado toast and blueberry toast

Today we are going to get very toasty. Not warm weather kind of toasty, but the bread kind of toasty.

TBH, toast and smoothie bowl (post coming soon) are my go to breakfasts. They’re easy, take no time at all and honestly pretty damn delicious.

You may be thinking “toast? isn’t that a little boring?”

On the contrary my friend.

It’s how you dress up your toast, that’s what keeps things interesting.

Today, I sharing my favorite toast combinations. You can eat them for breakfast, or for any meal at that.

Typically when I have toast, I have both  savory and sweet because I can never decide which one I want.

In this case I made spicy avocado toast and apple butter toast topped with blueberries.

Image of avocado toast and apple butter toast topped with blueberries


What You Need – Avocado Toast

You need one ripe avocado

Garlic salt, onion powder, pepper

A lot of chili flakes (optional)

Bread of Choice toasted

How To

– Mash up your avocado

– Add garlic salt, onion powder, pepper and combine

– Spread evenly on your bread of choice (I love oatmeal or sprouted bread)

– Top with a lot of chili flakes

– Most importantly, stuff your face.

What You Need – Apple Butter Toast

Apple Butter  you can find some at your local farmers market or here)


Bread of choice toasted

How To

– Spread apple butter evenly on toast

– Top with blueberries

– Most importantly, stuff your face.



These recipes are so easy, and healthy.

Try them out and let me know what you think!


How To: Plan A Party

Fun Fact. I love planning party’s and events.

It brings me pure excitement.

Most recently someone asked me what my favorite part of planning events and I was stuck for a little bit. I really do love everything about it, even the hiccups.

I’ve been working in this field professionally for some time and I’ve come up with a little worksheet for each event or party I plan.

Disclaimer: I use this for larger parties. You can totally use it for smaller parties if you want too!

Budget – Be realistic, how much are you willing to spend on EVERYTHING (food, beverages, space rental, party favors etc.) This ensures that you don’t over spend and purchase only what you need for the festivities.

Location & Date – Do this early, especially if you need to rent out a space. The earlier the better! Also consult with some of the party goers to make sure the date works.

Theme – This is very important! This ties in the the decor and sometimes the type of food and beverage you are going to serve. For example, if your party is Luau themed, you probably don’t want to serve your guests greek food or tacos? You know?

Decor – This also goes with the theme. I love hitting up my local party store for decor but to be honest my favorite thing is to make decorations myself. Be realistic, and make sure it’s doable! I don’t know how many times I believed that I could make something on my own and it turned out to be a hot mess. So buy what you need and only make what you’re comfortable with. Pinterest is my BEST friend. When I’m in the early stages of planning I make a Pinterest board dedicated to decor.

Food & Drink – This another very important step especially if you decide to cater, you should first talk to potential caters to make sure your party is something they’ll be able to do. When you get the okay, place your food order! Now if your caterer provides beverages I always suggest taking it, it’s less work for you! But…if they don’t offer it no worries! I found the coolest little cheat sheet for beverages (and food). If you decide to make food yourself, plan it out in advance so you’re not running around the day of.

A graphic explaining how much food and drink you need to serve at a party.



Guest list – Make this in advance so you know how much food, drink and party favors to order.

Party Favors – You don’t need to have party favors if you don’t want to. I always like to give people a little something to remember the event. For my aunt birthday we had candy filled wine glasses (from etsy) and it was a huge hit!

Social Media Stuff – Create a hashtag! They’re easy to come up with and it’s a great way to keep track of photos of your party as well! Although hashtags are awesome Snapchat geofilters are my favorite for parties! They’re customizable, inexpensive and everyone loves them!

I hope you found this post helpful!

Let me know if you’re interested in more party related posts!

The link to the worksheet can be found below.

How To: Plan A Party