Gift Guide For The Techie In Your Life

The holidays are quickly approaching! Are you stumped on what gifts to get for your loved ones? I’ve got you covered. Today I’m sharing a gift guide for the tech obsessed in your life OR you can get all of this stuff for yourself. Your choice, no pressure.

Obviously everything is linked, because I’m not a monster.

Let’s get into it!

  1. Solar Charger | Y’all, this charger is the coolest. I was hanging out with some friends and my phone was on the verge of dying, typical. I asked my friend if she had a charger I could use and she gives me this. At first I was like “what is this contraption?” but then she showed me how to use it and I’ve been obsessed since! It’s reasonably priced and pairs with most smart phone.
  2. Key Finder | This is for the family member/friend that says “Guys? Have you seen my keys? I can’t find my keys!” at least once a day. You can now cancel the search party. Also it’s not only for your keys, you can use it to find your phone as well.
  3. Wireless Earbuds | Everyone can use wireless headphones. Let’s be real, the cord can be annoying.
  4. Wireless Speaker | This requires no explanation. The echo is great and you can order pizza wirelessly.
  5. Selfie Case | Do you know someone who’s selfie obsessed? This is for them. They’ll put the “glow” in “glow-up”
  6. Smart Watch | This fitness watch is kind amazing. It has a GPS so you can track your route, you can swim with, and download 300+ songs.

Stay tuned! I have two more gift guides coming soon.



Truthfully Yours, Dahlia