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Sweater Weather Vibes

Ya’ll, sweater weather is finally here. FINALLY. I was getting tired of the heat. I can now live my best life a) because i’m not sweaty and b) sweater weather is the best weather.

You can never have enough sweaters and these one’s from Nordstrom’s are some of my favorite. Also, did I mention they’re on sale! Get them while you can.

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Hump Day Playlist

Cheers to 25 Image of Dahlia walking on a bridge in a floral dress

Ya’ll, the hump day playlist is back. I don’t know about you but when I’ve got good music it makes my day go by so much quicker.

This playlist has a littlest of everything, which is my favorite type of playlist. Each track is a surprise and tbh that’s the best feeling.

Stay tuned every Wednesday for a new playlist!

Happy Wednesday!

Tokyo Diaries

Hi friends!

One week ago I was in beautiful Tokyo, Japan. It was nothing short of magical and I almost didn’t come back to the states.


If you follow me on Instagram, I pretty much Instagram storied the entire trip. Sorry, not sorry. It was too awesome to not document.

You can see the roundup of my trip down below.


Get Your Game Face On

You guys, this summer has been kind of hot.

It’s not unbearable, but if you’ve been a longtime reader of my blog you know how much I hate the heat.

The moment the temperature reaches 90 degrees I’m a hot sweaty mess. I just want to get to get from point A to point B without being drenched in sweat. Is that too much to ask for?! In addition to that when you have acne prone skin, that’s a whole different set of issues *insert eye roll*

Luckily, I have found a solution! The wonderful people at Game Face Grooming sent me a pack of their athletic wipes. These wipes help you cool down, wipe away dirt and keep your skin in check. If you follow me on Instagram (@dhjoseph) you’ve seen me use them on my story, I’m obsessed.

I received the ‘Warrior Wipes’, they’re antibacterial hand and body wipes that kill germs like staph and MRSA. I had NO idea germs like that could lurk in a gym and tbh that’s terryfying. What I love about these wipes is that they’re huge! Have you noticed when you get any type of moist wipe product it’s smaller than the size of your hand. I always feel like it’s not going to cover enough surface.

When it’s hot out, I pull out one of these wipes, it’s so refreshing and keeps all the germs at bay. I love using these after a workout as well, I spin about 4 to 5 times a week and that a lot of sweat just sitting on my skin. As soon as class is over I grab my wipes and I feel brand new! These wipes are perfect for a little yoga and brunch action as well!

friends having brunch

I totally recommend these!

You can find the wipes and their various other products here.

Until next time 😉


#BehindTheHair | HASK Orchid & White Truffle Collection


My hair and I have a “special” relationship. It’s attached to my head, so we get pretty up close and personal. For many years our relationship was on “thin” ice and “dry” as ever. It was lifeless, due to years of chemical straightening and lack of communication between us. It wanted more moisture, but I wanted to straighten my hair everyday. I did the bare minimum but my hair required quite a bit of love and attention. It got so bad that I basically had to start over. I didn’t go bald or anything, but I got a trim and didn’t put heat in my hair for like a year and put my hair in a lot of protective styles. I deep conditioned frequently, and gave my hair the love it needed. Now we’re bestie’s. I love trying new hair products that’ll moisturize my hair but I’m super precocious because some products just don’t agree with my hair. I was recently sent HASK’s Orchid & White Truffle Collection to review. I’ve been wanting to try HASK products for quite some time so I was really exciting to review their products. Image of Hask shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner I was sent the Orchid & White Truffle moisture rich shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. Their products are free of sulfates and parabens which is always best. You don’t want to wash your hair with gross chemicals, especially if you wash it everyday. When hair wash day came around I was SO ready. Upon pouring the shampoo in my hand the first thing I noticed was the scent. No lie, this shampoo is the best thing I’ve ever smelled. It lathered up so nicely and really cleansed my scalp. I don’t know if it’s just me, but with certain shampoos, after the first wash my hair feels like it’s been stripped down. I didn’t get that feeling at all! My hair felt nice and velvety after the first wash. The conditioner smells lovely and made my hair feel like butter. By the time I put on the deep conditioner I didn’t think my hair could feel any better, I was wrong. My hair smelled and felt amazing, it was so soft and moisturized. I honestly felt like the shampoo girls in commercials. #BehindTheHair The products perfumed my hair for days. It was delightful. My mother actually asked me what perfume I was wearing. All in all, I loved the HASK products and would recommend it in a heartbeat! You can find HASK products here and here This post is sponsored by HASK. All opinions are my own. 

The Best Etsy Shops To Buy Party Supplies

Image of berry cocktails

I love Etsy.

The love I have for this website is never-ending. Every encounter I’ve had with a seller has been nothing but pleasant.  I just can’t get enough.

Etsy is my favorite place to shop for party supplies. One, because it’s handmade. Two, because you can usually customize it. Three, you’re supporting small businesses!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite shops to create one of a kind parties. These shops are the best of the best. There’s also a nice little gift for you all as well 😉


  1. Paper Anchor Co.

The Best Etsy Shops for Party Supplies

What’s a party without a geofilter?! Paper Anchor Co. makes the most beautifully crafted filters that I have ever seen. Desiree, the owner is so talented! Not only does she make these awesome filters but she makes floral watercolor illustrations and wedding stationary. Desiree is so kind and great to work with. I most recently got a filter for my cousins baby shower and everyone was obsessed!

The Best Etsy Shops for Party Supplies

GIFT ALERT: For all Truthfully Yours, Dahlia readers you will get 10% off your order when you use the code TYDREADERS.

The Best Etsy Shops for Party Supplies

2. ModParty

If you’re looking for nice party favors that your guests can actually use afterwards, you MUST check out ModParty. I actually ordered these exact cups for the baby shower (I know you’re probably sick of hearing about it). Cups are awesome little party favors! Each time you use it, it’ll be a nice reminder of  the party. This shop has a bunch of  party, bridal and baby shower decorations that you can customize. Everyone loves a good customization.

3. OkieHeartStudio

I never understood the power of a cake topper until I got one from Okie Heart Studio. Guys, it’s so pretty. Like really pretty. It’s such a nice touch to a cake or cupcakes. Did I mention it’s also really pretty? You can customize them too!

4.  Paper Supply Station 

I’m a sucker for a good banner and Paper Supply Station makes the BEST banners! see for yourself.

5.  Party Haus

Balloons are a must. If you love the foil ballon look Party Haus has all the goods. You can also customize your balloons as well.