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Let’s Get Toasty

Image of Avocado toast and blueberry toast

Today we are going to get very toasty. Not warm weather kind of toasty, but the bread kind of toasty.

TBH, toast and smoothie bowl (post coming soon) are my go to breakfasts. They’re easy, take no time at all and honestly pretty damn delicious.

You may be thinking “toast? isn’t that a little boring?”

On the contrary my friend.

It’s how you dress up your toast, that’s what keeps things interesting.

Today, I sharing my favorite toast combinations. You can eat them for breakfast, or for any meal at that.

Typically when I have toast, I have both  savory and sweet because I can never decide which one I want.

In this case I made spicy avocado toast and apple butter toast topped with blueberries.

Image of avocado toast and apple butter toast topped with blueberries


What You Need – Avocado Toast

You need one ripe avocado

Garlic salt, onion powder, pepper

A lot of chili flakes (optional)

Bread of Choice toasted

How To

– Mash up your avocado

– Add garlic salt, onion powder, pepper and combine

– Spread evenly on your bread of choice (I love oatmeal or sprouted bread)

– Top with a lot of chili flakes

– Most importantly, stuff your face.

What You Need – Apple Butter Toast

Apple Butter  you can find some at your local farmers market or here)


Bread of choice toasted

How To

– Spread apple butter evenly on toast

– Top with blueberries

– Most importantly, stuff your face.



These recipes are so easy, and healthy.

Try them out and let me know what you think!


Night Routine


Happy almost Friday! Guys, i’m in heaven right now, the weather has been amazing this week! I think we’re finally done with the snow, and good riddance, it was getting annoying and quite frankly making my life a little difficult.

I like to plan my life/day the night before and let me tell you, it’s time consuming preparing for snow. Putting together a presentable outfit that will keep me warm, contemplating if I should wear snow shoes all day or bring a change of shoes etc. It’s all very…time consuming, and it cuts into my night routine.

I love my night routine and it is not to be messed with! It’s such an amazing feeling stripping the day away and let’s not forgot putting on comfy clothes. YES. I live for this.

So today, I’ll be sharing my super top secret (not really) night routine. It’s truly the bee’s knees.

Please note, I try my best to do this every night BUT life does happen and sometimes I’m gross and fall asleep with my makeup on

  • Comfy Clothes | The first thing I do when I get home is put on comfy clothes. I’ve suffered all day in real clothes so this is a necessity!
  • Remove Makeup | Recently I’ve been using the Garnier Cleansing Water to remove my makeup. It’s super gentle and get’s my face squeaky clean.
  • Wash My Face | My holy grail face wash is Purity by Philosophy. I have never loved something so much. Do yourself a favor and get you a bottle. Remember to always pat dry your face, pulling at your face can cause wrinkles!
  • Moisturize | I have the driest/oily skin the world! Aka severe combination skin, because of this I am very picky about the products I use to moisturize my skin; it also has to work well with my acne medication. Recently I’ve been using this Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum. This serum is filled with great stuff like vitamin B (helps with hyper pigmentation), lavender (heals pimples and sores), primrose oil (moisturizes in a non oily way), rosehip seed oil (locks in moisture and naturally rich in vitamin C), bearberry (brightens your complexion) and rosa damascena (very moisturizing!). So overall it’s a bomb ass product. Did I mention it smells like roses? This stuff is legit (you can purchase it here and here).

Valentia Rose Serum Night Routine

Big Magic Book and Valentia Rose Serum Night Routine

Valentia Rose Serum Up Close Night Routine

Valencia Face Serum Night Routine

  • Hydrate | I try drinking a big glass of water, honestly I have trouble hitting my water goal for the day.
  • Read Up | I love reading self help books before bed! It’s puts me in the best mood and set’s me up for the next day in the best way! These days I only get to read books a few nights a week, the rest of the days I’m reading for classes or editing papers. Super glamorous #gradschool
  •  Lights Out | When my eyes can no longer remain open, I snuggle in bed #burritostyle and drift to sleep.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Don’t be shy, share your night routine below!

Truthfully Yours, Dahlia

This post is in collaboration with Valentia Skin Care Products. I was sent the Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum to review. You may purchase the product here


Detox Me

Morning Detox Header Image

Image of detox drink

Guys, I’m obsessed with food. Along with my food obsession comes bloating. How do I combat it? With this magical drank. It does wonders for my digestive system and it’s so easy to make. If I can make it groggily first thing in the morning anyone and I mean ANYONE can make this. Now I’m not going to lie, this drink is not the easiest to gulp down. It’s a little sour but I’m so use to it now that I like drinking it. But let me tell you, when I first took a sip of this my reaction was “I’ll take a hard pass on this” but I took a few more sips and it got better and I felt amazing! I got the recipe from Lauryn Evarts Book The Skinny Confidential  (One of my health holy grail books) I substituted a few things in this recipe to better suite me and my taste buds 😉 Feel free to do the same to mine! Let me know what you substitute with the hashtag #tydnoms (Truthfully Yours, Dahlia Noms- Get it? So clever)

What’s in it? Water//2tbs of apple cider vinegar//2tbs of lemon juice//Stevia or honey to add some sweet flavor.

Benefits of this magical drank:

Apple cider vinegar

-Can help clear up skin conditions

-Keep you regular

-Stabilize blood sugar

-Ease menstrual cramps


-Alkalizing aka increases your pH

-Chock full of good ole vitamin C

-Cleansing, obv.

Here’s my video with all the deets.