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What I’m eating and drinking, mostly everything.

Let’s Get Toasty

Image of Avocado toast and blueberry toast

Today we are going to get very toasty. Not warm weather kind of toasty, but the bread kind of toasty.

TBH, toast and smoothie bowl (post coming soon) are my go to breakfasts. They’re easy, take no time at all and honestly pretty damn delicious.

You may be thinking “toast? isn’t that a little boring?”

On the contrary my friend.

It’s how you dress up your toast, that’s what keeps things interesting.

Today, I sharing my favorite toast combinations. You can eat them for breakfast, or for any meal at that.

Typically when I have toast, I have both  savory and sweet because I can never decide which one I want.

In this case I made spicy avocado toast and apple butter toast topped with blueberries.

Image of avocado toast and apple butter toast topped with blueberries


What You Need – Avocado Toast

You need one ripe avocado

Garlic salt, onion powder, pepper

A lot of chili flakes (optional)

Bread of Choice toasted

How To

– Mash up your avocado

– Add garlic salt, onion powder, pepper and combine

– Spread evenly on your bread of choice (I love oatmeal or sprouted bread)

– Top with a lot of chili flakes

– Most importantly, stuff your face.

What You Need – Apple Butter Toast

Apple Butter  you can find some at your local farmers market or here)


Bread of choice toasted

How To

– Spread apple butter evenly on toast

– Top with blueberries

– Most importantly, stuff your face.



These recipes are so easy, and healthy.

Try them out and let me know what you think!


Brunch Me

If I was a meal, I’d be brunch.

Brunch is me.

Brunch. Me.

I love going out for with friends for this epic meal, but it’s also a lot of fun to prepare yummy brunch for friends and family. I’m an entertainer at heart, so any chance to get my friends together and feed them, I’m down for.

I went to brunch Saturday and had this pretty amazing meal.

Brunch Me


Brunch Me- Le Pain Quotidien

It’s okay, you can wipe your mouth (from drool) this is a safe place. It looks amazing, right? Well, it was delicious as well!

While enjoying this yummy meal with my BFF, it got me thinking about my ideal brunch. Like my DREAM brunch, the event planner in me immediately kicked in. I was mentally making a mood board. Think table settings, invitations, beautiful summer blooms, and homemade blood orange mimosas. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Does anyone else dream about planning the lushest brunches? One of these days it’s going to happen! Until then I’m going to obsessively plan.

Just imagine this…

Brunch Me Decor

I love an outdoor brunch! The height of the  table in addition to the floor pillows and rugs make it a little more laid back.

Fresh flowers are a must. These blooms add a pop of color.

The mismatched plates, marble, and wooden serving plates are eye catching but also add a home-like feel to the decor.


Marble & Wooden Serving Board



Brunch Me

Endless coffee is a must. I’m a cold brew type of gal.

I love brunch because you can eat, like a lot. Cheese plates pancakes, and bread baskets galore. I want it all.

Blood orange mimosas are life changing. Fresh squeezed is a must! Add some bubbly and you’ve got a refreshing drink. Super easy!

Eggs bakes are great. It makes it look like you were slaving over a hot stove all day, but really you used last night’s leftover roasted veggies, topped it with an egg and baked it for 15 minutes. Leftovers = Major Key

Lastly,  my dream brunch has to include my favorite indulgent little treat…bacon wrapped figs, stuffed with goat cheese. *heart eyes*

While at a tapas restaurant with friends, I tried it for the first time. I was very skeptical, I thought “How does that even work? Bacon, dates and goat cheese. No.” After I tried it I said “How does that even work? Bacon, dates and goat cheese. YES.” Ugh, these things are so good!

Blood Oranges

Bacon-Wrapped Figs

Baked Egg 

I hope this post didn’t make you all too hungry. What does your dream brunch look like? Let me know!


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Detox Me

Morning Detox Header Image

Image of detox drink

Guys, I’m obsessed with food. Along with my food obsession comes bloating. How do I combat it? With this magical drank. It does wonders for my digestive system and it’s so easy to make. If I can make it groggily first thing in the morning anyone and I mean ANYONE can make this. Now I’m not going to lie, this drink is not the easiest to gulp down. It’s a little sour but I’m so use to it now that I like drinking it. But let me tell you, when I first took a sip of this my reaction was “I’ll take a hard pass on this” but I took a few more sips and it got better and I felt amazing! I got the recipe from Lauryn Evarts Book The Skinny Confidential  (One of my health holy grail books) I substituted a few things in this recipe to better suite me and my taste buds 😉 Feel free to do the same to mine! Let me know what you substitute with the hashtag #tydnoms (Truthfully Yours, Dahlia Noms- Get it? So clever)

What’s in it? Water//2tbs of apple cider vinegar//2tbs of lemon juice//Stevia or honey to add some sweet flavor.

Benefits of this magical drank:

Apple cider vinegar

-Can help clear up skin conditions

-Keep you regular

-Stabilize blood sugar

-Ease menstrual cramps


-Alkalizing aka increases your pH

-Chock full of good ole vitamin C

-Cleansing, obv.

Here’s my video with all the deets.