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The Diary Of A Post Graduate Gal // My advice to the world after post graduate life

Back at it Again With Another Degree

I graduated on Saturday.


This definitely goes down as one of the best feelings I’ve felt, like ever. When I received my undergraduate degree, I never thought I would find myself here. I imagined myself getting my master’s degree immediately after college and living like Lauren Conrad in Ney York. HAH.

Let me explain.

My senior year of college I knew I wanted to continue my education. I found my dream school, so I only applied to that university. I applied in early February, April was approaching and I still hadn’t heard back. Concerned, I did what any normal millennial would do…I tweeted them. I received a reply within seconds and they instructed me to check my junk mail. Always a good sign. In my junk mail, was my REJECTION LETTER. I was devastated. This may seem like a silly thing to be upset about, but to me at the time, it was a big deal. Attending this university was all I had planned. If you know me, I love to have a plan for everything, so the whole not getting into my dream school definitely put a damper on things.

Scared out of my mind about the future, I graduated from undergrad and decided to wait a year before applying to graduate school again. I was basically forced to take a year off, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. In the span of one year, I was able to snag two amazing internships in addition to one fellowship; I obtained work experience, traveled and met  wonderful people. I hustled hard for one year. Half-way through I buffed up my resume and applied to grad school, I got my acceptance letter three days letter. THREE DAYS LATER.

Grad school was in no way easy. There were many sleepless nights, where a few tears may have been shed (#thugscry). Nights I was annoyed because I wanted to go out but couldn’t because my thesis wouldn’t write itself. Nights where I was exhausted and my eyes twitched like crazy (just one of the many side effects when I’m sleep deprived). Thankfully, I have the best support system in the world. The end result is a thesis that I am so proud of and a master’s degree. I’ll take it!

It’s hilarious to me when you try to map out our entire life and the universe is life “nope, try again!”

The night before graduation, I was doing some light reading and I decided to read a page in my book of mantras and it said

“The universe has a plan greater than mine”

I actually laughed out loud. I quickly reflected on the past two years and realized nothing had gone the way I planned, It was was way better than I’d planned.  Moral of the story, don’t freak out when things don’t go the way you planned, there are better things around the corner 😉


Dahlia Graduated Image

Dress: Eloquii Mesh and Lace Dress (Rent The Runway)

Bracelet: Design Lab 

Shoes: Kelly & Katie 

Being Content With Yourself

Being Content With Yourself

Being Content With Yourself

Hey you. Yes, you! The beautiful human reading this blog post, I want you to know that you are good enough. Sometimes those four words are just what we need to hear/read. Have you ever wondered how we get to the point where we feel inadequate? COMPARISON.

Comparison is the culprit of all of those icky feelings. Think about it, we compare ourselves to others all the time! Here are a few examples;

  • Bodies- Dying for a body like Queen Bey? You workout really hard and when you don’t look like her you’re upset
  • Relationships- Another one of your friends has just gotten engaged and you’re still single as a Pringle
  • Jobs- Your friend has your dream job and it wasn’t even her major
  • Finances- You have student loans for the rest of your life but someone else has NONE (is that even possible?)
  • School- You have to study for hours to understand Bio-Chem but someone else can skim through and understand everything.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should because we do it all the time! People seem to believe that this issue is reserved for adolescents but it’s actually affects everyone. We’re human obviously, and it happens, but what do we accomplish when we compare ourselves to one another? You just end up super annoyed and down in the dumps for nothing. It took me a while to be content with myself and where I am in life. I am who I am for a reason. I’m where I am for a reason, you know? Those characteristics about you are what make you special. If you got everything you wanted from the people you compared yourself to, there would be nothing special about you. You’d literally be a carbon copy of that person. No thanks, I’ll pass on that. The moment you stop comparing yourself you won’t feel the need for others to accept you. And that my friends, is a liberating feeling.

A few months ago I heard Derek Coleman from the Seattle Seahawks speak he said “Imma do me, and you can do you!” and that statement could not be anymore perfect for this topic. Stop the comparisons and “DO YOU” and let everyone else “DO THEM” because at the end of the day comparisons won’t do anything for you. Be content with yourself (as in mentally and emotionally satisfied with where things are), accept yourself and stop the comparisons because you are GOOD ENOUGH.

Stay fab bbys

You are good enough! You are good enough!