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The Best Etsy Shops To Buy Party Supplies

Image of berry cocktails

I love Etsy.

The love I have for this website is never-ending. Every encounter I’ve had with a seller has been nothing but pleasant. ¬†I just can’t get enough.

Etsy is my favorite place to shop for party supplies. One, because it’s handmade. Two, because you can usually customize it. Three, you’re supporting small businesses!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite shops to create one of a kind parties. These shops are the best of the best. There’s also a nice little gift for you all as well ūüėČ


  1. Paper Anchor Co.

The Best Etsy Shops for Party Supplies

What’s a party without a geofilter?! Paper Anchor Co. makes the most beautifully crafted filters that I have ever seen. Desiree, the owner is so talented! Not only does she make these awesome filters but she makes floral watercolor illustrations and wedding stationary. Desiree is so kind and great to work with. I most recently got a filter for my cousins baby shower and everyone was obsessed!

The Best Etsy Shops for Party Supplies

GIFT ALERT: For all Truthfully Yours, Dahlia readers you will get 10% off your order when you use the code TYDREADERS.

The Best Etsy Shops for Party Supplies

2. ModParty

If you’re looking for nice party favors that your guests can actually use afterwards, you MUST check out ModParty. I actually ordered these exact cups for the baby shower (I know you’re probably sick of hearing about it). Cups are awesome little party favors! Each time you use it, it’ll be a nice reminder of ¬†the party. This shop has a bunch of ¬†party, bridal and baby shower decorations that you can customize. Everyone loves a good customization.

3. OkieHeartStudio

I never understood the power of a cake topper until I got one from Okie Heart Studio. Guys, it’s so pretty. Like really pretty. It’s such a nice touch to a cake or cupcakes. Did I mention it’s also really pretty? You can customize them too!

4.  Paper Supply Station 

I’m a sucker for a good banner and Paper Supply Station makes the BEST banners! see for yourself.

5.  Party Haus

Balloons are a must. If you love the foil ballon look Party Haus has all the goods. You can also customize your balloons as well.





Cheers to 25 Years

Cheers to 25 Image of Dahlia walking on a bridge in a floral dress
Published April 15th

Cheers to 25! Go shawty, it’s ya birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s ya birthday. Cheers to 25!

Oh. man. I’m 25 today.

If I didn’t feel like an adult before, I definitely feel like one now.

I am feeling so blessed to have seen 25 years of life and can’t wait to experience¬†another year of adventures.


image of the image with an overlay of a quote






Julie & Jean’s Oh Baby Shower

Gold glitter oh baby sign

Oh Baby

The photos are finally here! I had so much fun planning this shower for my cousin and his wife. As you know I will jump at any chance to plan a party.

My cousin (Natalie, event partner extraordinaire)  and I decided to go with a floral theme since baby girl is due in spring. We incorporated florals from the decor all the way to the cake. Now, purchasing florals can be very expensive so we opted for a few really beautiful flowers, fake floral vines (on sale at Michaels!) and tissue paper flowers that we made.

Tissue paper flowers surround by the word oh baby spelled out in balloons





Also can we talk about this amazing SnapChat filter?! Ugh, I die. The filter was made by the very talented owner of Paper Anchor Co, Desiree Perez. It was such a hit and really went with the floral vibe we were trying to create. Desiree is hands down, the best! And for all TYD readers she is offering 10% off her Etsy shop when you use the code TYDREADERS.





P.S. Sorry for the poor quality photos, the lighting wasn’t the best!

Special Thanks To:

Desiree of Paper Anchor Co for the filter

Okie Heart Studio for the cake topper

Kerry’s Kakes¬†¬†for the AMAZING cake

ModParty for the adorable cups

Ur Envited Too for the glitter banners

Tracey for picking up the cake!

My ENTIRE family

Weekend Travel Essentials

Weekend Travel Essentials Coming In Hot.

I’m whizzing off to good ole Pennsylvania to host my cousins baby shower this weekend.

It will be lit.

Our car is currently filled to the brim with all the goods. Don’t worry! I’ll be sharing behind the scenes fun on Instagram & Snapchat (dhjoseph). You’ll get to meet my wonderful family, so I do apologize in advance. Just kidding, they’re amazing. Also I’ll be sharing everything on the blog in the next few weeks, so you don’t miss out on any of the party details!

Did I mention i’m up at an ungodly hour? Or at least i’m writing this at an ungodly hour? Gotta love that event planner life, am I right?!

But I digress…

Since I do not live in Pennsylvania (#marylandmade), I am required to do a bit of traveling. My favorite mode of transportation is car, as long as it not a crazy distance like 6 or more hours. I’m not about that life. The drive is about 2 hours and half, and I like to be prepared…like really prepared.

Today I’m sharing with you my weekend travel essentials. These are items I have trouble living without but also make my life away from home more convenient.



Since I gave up coffee for the lenten season, my grumpiness and headaches have gone away because I found some great alternatives. It’s still not the good stuff, but I’ll make due. Normally coffee would be in this.

First things first, snacks! No one wants a hangry Dahlia so I take the necessary measures by packing my favorite protein bars, perfect bars (the carob chips is the bomb! It tastes like a peanut butter cup). An orange because I purchased¬†way to many and kombucha because probiotics are important. On a serious note, I LOVE kombucha and I’ve noticed such a difference in¬†my gut health, it really is a game changer! I always grab the Clearly Kombucha in the asian pear, it’s so delicious.

My laptop so I can get some work done in the car but also add some last minute songs to the baby shower playlist.

A book and my bullet journal for the trip home.

I brought my essential oils to keep me zen, eye mask because I’m up at the crack of dawn, and jojoba oil for my lashes (it’s super conditions and makes them grow). I also packed some toothpaste tabs, so I can freshen up!

Lastly, my wallet. Super boring.

The end!

What are some of your travel essentials?!


These Heels Were Made For Walkin’

These heels were make for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do!

The holidays are officially upon us which means endless parties filled with eggnog, white elephant gift exchanges and if you’re lucky dancing to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” for the hundredth time (TYD Holiday Playlist HERE). I don’t know what it is but once the eggnog and starts flowing people (mostly me) think they’re the best dancers in the world. ¬†You’re wearing your favorite outfit and bomb shoes, so you’re feeling pretty good. It’s all fun and games until your feet starting screaming bloody murder and make you wish you never chose cuteness over practicality. This scenario happens all too often to me.

Luckily I have a small secret weapon…

Sole Patches.


Not to be confused with the small patches of hair on a gentleman’s face.

Sole Patches are cushion adhesives that you stick to the ball and heel of your shoes or feet. These little cushions are my new favorite thing, ever. They’re shock-absorbing, anti-microbial, odor and moisture repelling! This means your feet will remain dry and painless all night. ALL NIGHT. This means no more wearing your sneakers or flip flops until you arrive at you destination and quickly switch into your heels. Honestly, that’s just too much work. Carrying around 2 pairs of shoes? Nobody has time for that.

I first tried out Sole Patches with my favorite, yet very painful pair of boots. I put the cushions at the balls of my feet, since that’s where I feel the most pain. So I wore the boots to work standing and walking around for 8 hours, and guess what? NO PAIN. Usually two hours into wearing these boots I experience some serious discomfort, and by the end of the day I need to soak my feet. To be quite honest, I kind of forgot I was wearing them.

Naturally I tried Sole Patches with all my really uncomfortable shoes and I got the same result, no pain.

Do you know what this means?

No more two pairs of shoes!

No catching Uber’s a block from your destination because you can’t walk!

Dancing the night away without consequences!

It’s like a whole new world!

If you’re interested in bringing in the new year on the right foot (see what I did there?) check out Sole Patches!



This post is sponsored by Sole Patches. All opinions are my own. 


Photo Diary: Cancun, Mexico

I spent a few days in Mexico and I’m not trilled to be back. I zumba’d, kayaked, snorkeled on the coral reef, ate a lot of food and swam a lot. Perfection. This trip was amazing, i’m planning my next trip abroad as we speak.

My family and I stayed at the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun hotel. It was such a beautiful hotel, it almost didn’t feel real. Naturally I ate my weight in chips, salsa and guac because how could you not. I wish I took more photos but I was a little distracted as you can imagine. I’ll do better next time.

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